Monday, January 31, 2011

Viva Glam V!!

So I am a darker skinned African-American woman, and up until now, I have been afraid of putting color on my lips. I thought they were too big, and I didn't want to draw more attention to them. Recently I have been buying lipsticks, and color lipsticks at that....I have Neon Orange....I ordered Something New (Bright Pink), and Style Curve (Bright Purple) but I have not received them yet... I also bought a few other colors like Viva Glam V(Neutral Pinkish), Photo (Neutral)...and Up The Amp which is a very pretty purple....ill have pictures of these soon!!

But back to VIVA GLAM V....I love it!! I did not believe the sales lady when she said it looks good on everyone...but it does. It's very neutral, and I usually do not like a frosty pinkish lip...but in this case I do. It goes on smooth, and is not at all drying...I recommend everyone to try it if you looking for a new neutral color to add to your collection.....XOXO

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