Monday, January 31, 2011

Viva Glam V!!

So I am a darker skinned African-American woman, and up until now, I have been afraid of putting color on my lips. I thought they were too big, and I didn't want to draw more attention to them. Recently I have been buying lipsticks, and color lipsticks at that....I have Neon Orange....I ordered Something New (Bright Pink), and Style Curve (Bright Purple) but I have not received them yet... I also bought a few other colors like Viva Glam V(Neutral Pinkish), Photo (Neutral)...and Up The Amp which is a very pretty purple....ill have pictures of these soon!!

But back to VIVA GLAM V....I love it!! I did not believe the sales lady when she said it looks good on everyone...but it does. It's very neutral, and I usually do not like a frosty pinkish lip...but in this case I do. It goes on smooth, and is not at all drying...I recommend everyone to try it if you looking for a new neutral color to add to your collection.....XOXO

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hi!!! Plus Real Housewives of Atlanta...Hotmess!!

Hi World....

This is kind of odd because I do not blog, nor do I really write or express myself anywhere. I feel like I'm writing to myself even though this is online....anyhoooo I'm going to start writing about my life and fashion/make-up and stuff later...for tonight, it's all about RHOA!!!

These women are a hotmess. Cynthia needs to not get married....who ever heard of a bride being sad on her wedding day...she needs to get it together!! I want them to last, but they are starting off all wrong. NeNe is my favorite, and I want her to have her own show cuz the others are kind of pointless...side-note...Cynthia's make-up for the wedding is GORGEOUS!! Back to NeNe...she is the only one that keeps it real all day everyday...she's rude, but I love it, and she has evolved so much since the first season.

Kim is dumb, but not stupid....she just has no common sense....Kandy is pointless and boring, and Sheree needs to focus on her acting and give up the show cuz she is bringing nothing to it. Oh and Phaedra is cool, ..the baby is extra cute....but she is kind of random for me. She is growing on me though...with her random little sayings....

Well I think this is good enough for a first to you tomorrow....and thanx for reading...XOXO